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Lucy in very fine form on the course





Lucy's other favorite pasttime...






Lucy with her Peeper




Porsche napping in the toy box, 2012





Sleeping seems to be a favorite activity here...





My dad in his Navy uniform, approximately 1943. He flew in the South Pacific during the war. He was about 18 here, and I was just a twinkle...


















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I thought you all might like to see pictures of my dogs doing things other than running after a plastic bag, so I put this page up. Of course, I'm always very happy to show them off to anyone who cares to look!

I currently have two Bedlinigton Terriers: Sarah and Lucy. Lucy just turned 13 in June (!) and Sarah is 5. My other two dogs, a cream-colored Standard Poodle named Cricket, and Porsche, a blue Bedlington Terrier, are gone now but certainly not forgotten.

Cricket was ill for a very long time with chronic liver disease, and in 2004 she became so sick I thought she was dying. We decided to get a puppy before she got any worse so she could handle it, and so Porsche would have an easier transition. It turned out that Lucy sparked an enormous response in Cricket, who undertook raising and managing the boisterous (and wild) Lucy. Cricket rallied and Lucy's arrival gave her 2 more wonderful years - she was a great mom! Porsche, on the other hand, could easily have done without the new, pushy, self-absorbed, loud, boisterous, and obnoxious interloper. She came to terms with her over the years and they actually get along very well, relying on each other and occassionally playing.


Porsche with the new, and very small, interloper (on the left), 2004. Porsche passed away on July 1, 2014, at age 15-1/2. She
was with me for a huge portion of my life; she was a
phenomenal presence and a steadfast friend.


Lucy with her cow



bunny slippers

Cricket and Porsche in bunny slippers for Easter, 2003

Cricket, tail always wagging (see blur in picture), was with me from before she was born (our breeding) in June of 1996 til she passed away at home in my arms in June of 2006. She was a phenomenal dog and she's always in my heart.


You couldn't get two more different dogs: Lucy is always ready to go do something active - the more intense, the better. She loves the dirt, the mud, leaves, digging, rain, tunnels, pretty much everything about the outdoors. Porsche liked the couch, the shade, spring, cool weather, and sleeping. On the other hand, she really had a thing for skunks and caught her first one in 2008 after going to the chiropractor (no injury to either, but, boy did she smell bad!). It's always the quiet ones you've got to watch... Guess she was feeling ready to take on the world! She followed that up with catching two more - one in 2012 and her last one at age 14!


A quiet moment in the sun, together on the front walk, 2009




Okay, you all knew there was more to me than running dogs and making machines... well, here are a few photos from the other parts of my life:


I used to own a limousine company named Cadillac Dreams - yup, that's me on that bumper. The car in the picture was my number one vehicle - an original 1957 Fleetwood Series 75 limousine with 42,000 original miles and in original lacquer - what a babe! Okay, the car's pretty snap, too!



Me with my stylin' staff at Cadillac Dreams - gotta love those tuxedos!










Me and my little mud-child...









Me and Cricket, 2006




Cricket's tasty toes, 2004






My partner, Linda, with the Bedlies
Christmas, 2008






Porsche, 2009



Lucy at 8 weeks, 2004




My glamour-girl mom at about age 16 - I'm not telling you the year this was taken or she'll kill me!!