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Pat Bennett started Wicked Coursing in 2005 after using machines made by someone else.  Because there were and still are overheating problems with those machines, we’ve developed our products to be extremely efficient and reliable industry standard systems.  Our comments and analyses come from both firsthand experience with the other equipment out there as well as from customer discussions.  We’re not trying to be mean or to say anyone or anything is “bad” but we do want people to know what they’re purchasing and why ours is slightly more expensive.   When you purchase a superior item, you’re going to pay a little more for it – you get what you pay for.  The following is a detailed comparison of ours vs. theirs.



Our most innovative continuous-loop machine is an AC powered system (115v-240v) that doesn’t rely on batteries at all.  Plug this elegant machine into a wall socket, extension cord, or your field generator and you’re ready to run for hours, or days, or…  The T.Rex functions equally well indoors and out and is literally whisper quite.  Whether you’re running whippets, greyhounds, Min-pins or any other breed of dog or exotic predator, the T.Rex can accommodate any animal, any speed, for as long as you want to run.  True on-the-fly reversibility without any lag or drag, and without any overheating.  Ever.  Potentiometer (knob) replaces the momentary “go” button for extreme fine-tuning so you can provide your dogs with the utmost training, working, or playing experience.

There is nothing on the market to compare this machine to because it is the highest state-of-the-art equipment made in the world.  If other continuous-loop machines by other companies are Ford Fiestas, the T.Rex is the Tesla Starship.  You can read about its specifications on our web store here: http://shop.wickedcoursing.com/TREX-ULTIMATE-RACING-PACKAGE-AC-REVERSIBLE-CONTINUOUS-LOOP-TREX.htm


The L’il Demon is smaller than the L’il Monster but has the same motor in it, so you'll get similar performance.  Because it does not have a separate cooling system, it's designed for small "neighborhood" events - 5-7 dogs - and is designed to run shorter courses than the L'il Monster.  It's much lighter - about 35 pounds - and that's a factor in trying to run bigger courses with it. Because the motor case is vented at both ends it does not overheat when run at the recommendations, but again, this system is for home or small group or short-day use only. As with everything else we build, the L’il Demon comes with everything you need to run dogs. Now available with wireless remote control! See and read about it here: http://shop.wickedcoursing.com/Lil-Demon-RACING-PACKAGE-MIDSIZE-CONTINUOUS-LOOP-LDRP2015.htm


Okay, talk about a Ferrari - better yet, a Maserati - the L'il Monster is sweet! The L'il Monster is the industry standard for events and it will enable you to run your events in a smooth and simple manner without all the hassle of other types of equipment.  The L'il Monster is heavy - about 70 pounds - but still quite compact. It's a fabulous coursing machine (it does require a battery to run), and having it portable and compact with wheels and a handle (not to mention the 2.6hp motor that is nearly 10 pounds lighter than anyone else's) is such a huge improvement over anything else available, it's in a class by itself. Also available with wireless remote control! For more information, click here: http://shop.wickedcoursing.com/Lil-Monster-K9-RACING-PACKAGE-DC-CONTINUOUS-LOOP-LMRPK9.htm

The L’il Monster is truly the Maserati of coursing equipment. When compared to anything else, it is very cost effective and well worth what you'll pay for it.  Here’s why:


Ours: We learned a long time ago the true value of well-designed and well-made components.  Our drive pulley is a balanced machined one-piece unit that never needs adjusting and will run any size or diameter line.  It is light weight, very fast, and never loses integrity, shape or grabs the line.  Caveat: if the line becomes very brittle, it can damage the groove but just send the drive pulley back to us and we can repair it.  We pair it with a machined aluminum collar that we designed specifically to fit our American-made motor.

Theirs:  Injoy uses an off-the-shelf sheave (two parts) designed for tractors that they then fit with a piece of Mylar to keep the correct groove measurement.  They then bolt all the pieces together, making their pulley very heavy.  Again from our first-hand use, the Injoy drive pulley can trap the line and under that kind of tension and load it can actually deform the pulley rendering it unusable.  When we used them and that happened, we were unable to repair them so they were a total loss.


Ours: Because we come from a lure coursing event background, we've used the machines made by Injoy Products for many years. No offense to them, but we just got tired of lugging 200 pounds of equipment around in a bunch of pieces. That's why we made the L'il Monster portable - everything is self-contained in one sturdy case that's easy to move around and get on and off the field quickly. This is still a substantial machine and it weighs a good 65 pounds but it has a battery platform inside the case and both sides of the case are removable for cool running.  All you have to do is wheel it downfield, set your course and go.  We also finish these great machines in flashy candy-blue powder coat so it’s really eye-catching on the field!

Theirs: They don't offer a case but use a small upright as a platform.  It can be unwieldy and is prone to tipping over if you don’t stake it down.  Injoy has historically used a very good quality hardwood stand that was extremely long-lasting. Currently, they use a black plastic (Delron or UHMW) stand that is very nice, however, it still weighs about 40 pounds without the battery or the drive wheel, and is not offered in a portable case at all.  You still need to lug all that equipment around in pieces and it just isn’t very efficient in our opinion.


Ours: Our portable case has two hard-rubber ball-bearing in-line skate wheels, a heavy-duty, extra-long telescoping handle, and two recessed side-handles that make it extremely easy to get in and out of the car and out to the field with great ease of maneuvering.

Theirs: They don't offer them.


Ours: Our motor is specifically designed to run continuously – that is, it has a continuous duty cycle – as opposed to an intermittent duty cycle like Injoy uses.  We then integrate a highly efficient cooling system to prevent any possible overheating.  The front of the motor is open and we then create rear-case air holes to allow free flow of air from back to front, and throughout all the internal components. The L'il Monster has a special integrated 240 cfm blower – not a little fan – attached to the back of the motor that forces air through the windings the entire time you’re running so you'll stay running all day long without burning up your machine.

Theirs: Injoy offers a computer fan add-on that is not up to the job of cooling (again, this is from personal experience). The fan output is insufficient, and the housing they mount it in is heavy plastic used for water mains. The fan can't do more than run air over the outside of the motor and the plastic housing actually acts to trap hot air between it and the motor surface, increasing the overheating problem. Because their motor has a sealed case front and rear, air can't get inside to cool things down. Their motors get extremely hot and need constant icing – yes, be prepared to lug multiple bags of ice in burlap bags onto the motor throughout your entire event – to keep them cool.  Most clubs have found that they need two or three Injoy machines to get around the overheating problem.  This creates quite a challenge during events and is very inefficient.  Yes, you certainly can try to get away with one Injoy machine but ask any club in the country that uses that equipment how many they have and why.  With Wicked Coursing, you only need one.


Ours: Because the motor that we use in the L’il Monster is extremely efficient and does not overheat, you’ll only need to have one battery at the field. 

Theirs:  Heat is deadly not only for motors but for batteries and if your system has an overheating issue you’ll need multiple batteries at the field in order to keep your event running.  Count on having 2-3.


Ours: We offer a lightweight, portable string-winding machine instead of a take-up spool. It's just much simpler to just use a drag type system to spool up the line at the end of your day than to struggle with removing a drive wheel that doesn't want to come off the motor shaft.

Theirs: Injoy offers a 12" metal spool that can be fitted to the motor shaft after removing the drive wheel, however from first-hand experience we can tell you that once that drive wheel is set on the shaft and run at speed and under load and heat for several hours, it is not likely to come off no matter what you do. That's because there are 3 pieces of metal - the shaft, the spool hub, and the pin (actually a threaded bolt) - that work up small burrs on the pin opening that bind the metal pieces together.

We use a machined aircraft grade aluminum drive collar with a set screw and key that fits the motor shaft rather than a pin, so there’s no movement and no burring or blending of metal.  By eliminating the need to remove the drive pulley and using a separate string winder instead of a take-up spool, it just makes things a lot easier.


Injoy does not offer packages so their customers either have to know what they’re looking for when shopping for a system or they have to guess at what they need.  All system components must be purchased separately.  Wicked Coursing packages its systems so that the customer has everything they need without any guesswork at all.  We try to make things easy.

Our systems are certainly not inexpensive and we’re not the cheapest price out there, but we over perform in the design and manufacture of our equipment and in providing exceptional and ongoing live customer service for as long as you own your equipment.   No one else does that.


: We provide ongoing customer support for the life of your equipment, plus a 90-day workmanship warranty and 1 year manufacturer’s warranty on the motors.  We provide both detailed owner’s manuals and extensive field training manuals for all our equipment.

As for customer service, we’re available 6 days a week to actually talk by telephone, and we offer email support as well.   The last thing we want is to have you purchase equipment and then not be able to talk to someone about it!

Theirs: Injoy does not offer any warranty on its equipment.  They provide no owners’ manuals or training manuals.  Injoy posts its contact information but we’re not aware of anyone from their office ever actually answering the phone, calling anyone back or answering an email.

We want you to be thrilled with your system and we work very hard to keep our customers happy. The following is a concise thumbnail comparison of cost between our system and theirs.


Injoy - Basic System;
All Separately Priced and based on 2 machines to account for overheating*

Wicked Coursing – L’il Monster Racing Package;
All-inclusive Pricing

Machine: $895 x 2 = $1,790
Drive Pulley: $205 x 2 = $410
Take-up spool: $135
Polyester Line, 1200 foot spools: $32 x 3 = $96
Field Pulleys, 10 at $39 each = $390
(hold down pulleys are $48 each)
Lure Tips, pack of 50 - $25

No warranty
No owner’s manual
No training manual
Contact information posted

Total for the basic system including 2 basic machines:  $2,846

Battery not included, typically 2-3 needed, locally anywhere from $150-250

Plus shipping
*please see discussion above

L’il Monster machine – with ¼” 6061 Aluminum plate frame
12” one-piece machined and balanced drive pulley
Kick button kill switch – hands-free safety feature
String Winder Machine
Dacron competition line, 1000 foot spools (3)
Field Header (line alignment platform)
10-pack Field Pulleys with stakes
50-pack lure tips
Integrated internal cooling system
Shock resistant rolling case
American-made internal mechanical parts (motor and  solenoids)
Field Training Manual (65 pages)
Owner’s Manual (40 pages)
90 day warranty on workmanship, 1 year warranty on the motor
Ongoing customer support for as long as you own your equipment
Live person to speak with Monday through Saturday, 9:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. PST

Total for our complete racing system: $3,895

Battery not included; we recommend one Northstar NSB-A6U-34m, locally about $250

Plus shipping






Photo by Jen Petit