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People ask us all the time about the differences between our machines and the only other lure coursing equipment on the market, so we thought we'd devote a page to explain things. Again, we're talking apples and oranges, peas and carrots, VW and Ferrari... Bottom line is longevity, quality, and fun factor.

When it comes to lure coursing machines, there are some real differences; here they are:




Ours: We used to use the same fishing reel as in the Grimner machine, but it had a high failure rate and caused people a lot of disappointment, so we redesigned the Lure Baby and axed the reel. We now use a high-quality custom spool with 6" flanges flanking a 2" aluminum barrel seated over a precision-machined steel shaft that holds 1,000 feet of regulation 250# braided Dacron. This spool weighs approximately 2 pounds, and will withstand very heavy use.

Theirs: Grimner uses a good quality fishing reel, but it only holds 300 yards of 30# fishing line; when we used that same type of line we found that the small gauge is much more likely to break and to cause injury to both the dogs and the humans - another good reason to use a spool.


Ours: As noted above, we use 250# braided Dacron line because it's safer and doesn't tend to break. Your Lure Baby Standard comes with 1,000 feet of it (500' on the Junior).

Theirs: They use 30# fishing line and you get 300 yards.


Ours: We think you should be able to use your machine for weeks at a time without recharging the battery, so we use an 18Ah sealed rechargeable unit that will give you 80 runs or more per charge. If you want a smaller unit, we'll build it that way for you.

Theirs: Because their unit is very small and lightweight (these are good attributes) they use a very small battery that will only give 10-15 runs before it needs a recharge. This means if you're running multiple dogs you're going to only get a couple of runs each before the juice runs out. If you only have one dog, you'll probably be able to run for 3 days without a recharge.


Ours: We use a very sturdy ammunition type dry case with a sealed top, extra storage compartment, and heavy-duty construction that is designed for outdoor use. There's nothing worse than having your motor or electrical circuitry get wet while you're using it.

Theirs: Grimner uses a camera-type case that is not water resistent. It's a good camera case, but it is not designed for field use - ours is.


Ours: We thought it was important to have a way for people to know when the machine is actually on so there are no false starts and no accidents. That's why we put a very bright power indicator light and heavy-duty toggle master power switch on these machines. Very easy to see and prevents a lot of problems.

Theirs: They don't have one.


Ours: We thought it might be a challenge for some people to figure out how to charge their battery, so we made it very easy by installing a built-in charge port that's connected right to the battery. Simply plug in the charger to the port and the other end into a wall socket, and you're good to go.

Theirs: They don't provide one.


Ours: We use a 1 amp charger and it's included with your purchase so you don't have to figure out what to buy or where to buy it.

Theirs: They don't provide one.



Okay, talk about a Ferrari - better yet, a Maserati - the L'il Monster is sweet! The L'il Monster is the best, highest state-of-the-art lure coursing equipment available and it will enable you to run your events in a smooth and simple manner without all the hassle of other types of equipment.  Yes, it's still a coursing machine, but having it portable and compact with wheels and a handle (not to mention the 4.6hp motor that is nearly 10 pounds lighter than anyone else's) is such a huge improvement over anything else available, it's in a class by itself.  Truly the Maserati of coursing equipment.  When compared to anything else, it is very cost effective and well worth what you'll pay for it.


Ours: Because we come from a lure coursing event background, we've used the industry standard machines made by Injoy Products for many years. No offense to them, but we just got tired of lugging 200 pounds of equipment around in a bunch of pieces. That's why we made the L'il Monster lighter and portable - everything is self-contained in one sturdy case that's easy to move around and get on and off the field quickly. We shaved a good 10-15 pounds off the machine itself, and installed a battery box inside the case. Both sides of the case are removable for cool running. All you have to do is wheel it downfield, set your course and go.

Theirs: They don't offer one. Injoy has historically used a very good quality hardwood stand that was extremely long-lasting. Currently, they use a black plastic (Delron or UHMW) stand that is very nice, however, it still weighs about 40 pounds without the battery or the drive wheel, and is not offered in a portable case at all. You still need to lug all that equipment around in pieces.


Ours: Our portable case has two hard-rubber ball-bearinged in-line skate wheels, a heavy-duty, extra-long telescoping handle, and two recessed side-handles that make it extremely easy to get in and out of the car and out to the field with great ease of maneuvering.

Theirs: They don't offer them.


Ours: Our motor is specifically designed to have an integrated cooling system keep it from overheating and we include that in the L'il Monster. Both the front of the motor is open to allow free flow of air from back to front, and over all the internal components. The L'il Monster has a special intergrated 240 cfm blower attached to the back of the motor so you'll stay running all day long without burning up your machine.

Theirs: Injoy offers a fan add-on that is not really up to the job of cooling (this is from personal experience). The fan output is insufficient, and the housing they mount it in is heavy plastic used for water mains. The fan can't do more than run air over the outside of the motor and the plastic housing actually acts to trap hot air between it and the motor surface. Because their motor has a sealed case front and rear, air can't get inside to cool things down. Their motors get very hot and you need to either ice them down or have two machines to prevent overheating.


Ours: We offer a lightweight, portable string-winding machine instead of a take-up spool. It's just much simpler to just use a drag type machine to spool up the line at the end of your day than to struggle with removing a drive wheel that doesn't want to come off the motor shaft.

Theirs: Injoy offers a 12" metal spool that can be fitted to the motor shaft after removing the drive wheel, however from first-hand experience we can tell you that once that drive wheel is set on the shaft and run at speed and under load for several hours, it is not likely to come off no matter what you do. That's because there are 3 pieces of metal - the shaft, the spool hub, and the pin (actually a threaded bolt) - that work up small burrs on the pin opening that bind the metal pieces together. We use the same type of mounting for our drive wheel but thought we could improve on it simply by eliminating the need to remove it altogether. Hence the string-winder. They don't offer a string-winder.




Photo by Jen Petit