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There are two different types of lure coursing machines: the drag lure and the continuous-loop. The end result - a dog chasing a lure - is the same, but the way it happens is totally different with each type of machine. The Lure Baby Standard and both ZippityDog machines are drag lures. The L'il Demon, L'il Monster and T.Rex are continuous-loop reversible machines. Here are the basic differences:

Drag Lure
Continuous Loop
  • Spool with line - lives in the machine and is attached to the motor
  • Operator must walk the line out after every run
  • Line is open-ended with the lure on the end of the line
  • Motor "drags" the line back onto the spool
  • Very small pulleys
  • Small and extremely easy to use
  • Very short set-up time: about 15 minutes
  • Large Drive Pulley attached to the motor - NO SPOOL
  • Line is set once, then ends of the line are tied together; lines stays on the field
  • 3 Lures on the line - 10' apart
  • Motor runs the "continuous-loop" of line either forward or reverse
  • Field pulleys are much bigger
  • Large and more complex to use
  • Steeper learning curve on use
  • Lengthy set-up time: about 45 minutes or more
  • Requires a string-winder to retrieve the string at the end of the day


As you can see, a drag lure is nothing at all like a continuous-loop, although they both perform similar functions: running a bag on a line. There are differences between the two types of machines but there are also differences between the different models of drag lures.

The difference between the Lure Baby Standard and the ZippityDogs are the features, the speed, the length of line each can accomodate, etc. You can read about them on our Products page.

The Lure Baby Standard is suitable for most types of dogs. You can use it for Whippets and other sighthounds but it isn't the best match and you'll need to give the lure a long head start for these super fast dogs.

A better choice for running sighthounds is the L'il Demon. The Demon is a small footprint continuous-loop that is designed for home use and/or very small events - 10 dogs or less.

If you're running a large number of dogs at a multi-hour event, then the L'il Monster is what you need because it is designed for large events and is heavier than the Demon so it won't move once it's set up.

While it's true you have to walk the line out every time with a drag lure, it really does not cause any inconvenience, especially if you're running a 400-500 yard course. Even if you're running multiple dogs on a longer course, the time between runs when you're walking that line out again gives your dogs a chance to rest. They may not look like they're tired, but they are not machines and you'll overwork them and run the risk of injury if you don't make them rest.

If you've got your heart set on a continuous-loop, be prepared for a bit longer set-up time and a little more time to learn how to use it at the beginning on both laying out a course and learning to operate the equipment. It isn't rocket science but it does take time to develop a feel for the machine and a light touch on the button. Also, there's more equipment to carry around: machine, string winder, 10-15 pulleys (these are large and you'll need 2-4 spikes for each, plus a hammer to set them into the ground; not so with the drag lures), lure tips, more bags, etc. While continuous-loops like the L'il Demon, L'il Monster and T.Rex are spectacularly fun and are an absolute necessity when teaching a dog to stay on track or training newbies or re-training dogs that have learned bad habits, they're typically not the first machine you should purchase unless you're an experienced courser and lure operator.

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