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pat & cesar

"Oh, boy! Orange line -
and it matches my Lure Baby!!"

Cesar Millan and Pat
Bennett, Nov. 2008

Photo by Priscilla Butcher





This is Wybren's Staffie, Kayleigh - flyin' low!




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Our machines are very popular! Below you can read some testimonials from our happy customers and also see some of their dogs!


"The Lure Baby is FANTASTIC!! Hunter and I were introduced to Lure Coursing while attending Wags for Wishes. However, our opportunities to run were few and far between so I searched on the Internet for equipment to see about building my own Lure so I could let Hunter run whenever we wanted. This was a fruitless search until... Pat told me she was working on a prototype... and I said send me one!! I have been using the Lure Baby since November and Hunter and I absolutely love it!!" -- MJ T. and her dog, Hunter


"My boy loves that machine [Lure Baby]! He's so conditioned now that when I take it out, he's all pumped up. If I had a half mile of cord, he'd run it! I can run him 7 times around my acre property and with the 4 pulleys, he can just go round and round - pretty funny to watch! That motor is pretty darned strong and its great fun - it's a gas!" --Earl A. and his Ridgebacks

"Wow!  You’ve never seen so much fun!  We ran several dogs and they were just grinning they were so happy!  This machine [Lure Baby] is so much fun, I just love it!  My brother saw it and he said you must be a genius! Thanks, Pat!"
--Jean & Bruce U.

"Hi Pat - The dogs couldnt be happier with your product [Lure Baby], it works great! Theres a video on our website (links below my name 3rd video down on the homepage) that shows our dogs doing a small course in our field if you would like to see it. Thanks so much!" --Mike H.

"Hi Pat - This is Al --  F A N T A S T I C!!!!!!!!!! I just got back from using my machine [Lure] Baby, and it is just what I needed - I did 3 dogs a couple of times each.  Anybody with Jack Russells should own one! It should be required when some[one] gets a Jack!  It is exactly what they need!!!! Thanks again - Al.  I will send you pictures in a week or so; GREAT MACHINE!!!!!
--Al R. and his 11 Jack Russell Terriers!

This glowing report was sent to me by email. Al says if anyone would like to talk to him about his Lure Baby, you can call him at (732) 920-2188. Ask for Al.

"Wow! A really beautiful and slick machine [L'il Monster]!"
--Renae H.

"Digby and Tika, two absolutely rambunctious Jack Russell Terriers from downunder in Australia, thank you and Wicked Coursing, for the best “toy” they have ever had [Lure Baby]. Loving to run and rip around any yard or field the “Lure Baby” gives them meaning and fun for hours and hours! The machine is great. Battery lasts indefinite, I have yet to flatten it after about at least 50 odd runs. No not all with dogs. The machine is everything and more - thank you! --Dave G., Australia

"Pat - The Lure Baby package arrived fine, all works. Did a quick field test last night for the dogs - that thing really pulls! Going to have one fit hawk by the beginning of the season! Thanks for a great bit of kit - way better than anything I've seen over here." --James F. and his hawk

"Pat - My Lure Baby is fantastic! The whipps, kids & me spend great time with it and it works very well!" Check out the pictures of Edurne, the kids and their Whippets to the right.
--Edurne N. and her Whippets in Spain

"Hi, Pat - We ran 15 dogs the first day!! then used the Lure Baby again last Sunday. It worked like a dream and still on the first battery charge. I love it! I had the set-up for a straight line race course made up in two minutes and everything in the car again two minutes after we stopped. I included a photo our friend Koen Wielens made last year at a club day. It isn't made using the lurebaby, but we like the picture very much. If you want to use it we would appreciate it if you mention our Kennel name "Aldgillis" and the name of the photomaker "Koen Wielens". The link to our website is http://www.aldgillis.nl --Wybren L., Netherlands









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Our products are everywhere!

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This is "Wicked" coursing - Dragonsclan Wicked Heart, FCh.
Top 10 Greyhound in ASFA -
owned by Marylynne Kitson of Brandenburg, KY. Thanks for the photo, Marylynne!



Digby & Tika downunder with
the Lure Baby



Here is Edurne and her 2 kids getting ready to run their Whippets on the Lure Baby - all the way over in Spain!

These kids think the Lure Baby is way cool - smart kids!