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Wicked Coursing builds exceptional, high-quality lure coursing and enrichment equipment for everyone to enjoy, either at home or on the field, for dogs or exotic predators.

Many dog clubs still don't offer this fun sport but the United Kennel Club does and AKC now offers Coursing Ability Test (Fast C.A.T.) titles to all breeds. 

Wicked Coursing came about because we thought we could make a small home unit that everyone could use. Born out of frustration with other equipment with heavy motors that kept burning up and unappealing aesthetics, we set out to create equipment that would be affordable for everyone, fun to look at and fun to play with. Our philosophy is if you're going to make equipment, it should be really cool!

These machines are American-made and so tough you can run events with them for years. Zoos, wild animal breeding programs and preserves around the world love our L'il Monster reversible.

Our products are the best available anywhere - but they're not the cheapest. Like anything else, you get what you pay for, so don't be fooled by other less-expensive lure machines. If you could drive a Ferrari for a small amount more than it would cost you for a Volkswagen, which would you drive? That's the difference between our equipment and anything else you might find on the market.

We use the finest, highest-quality materials available and we provide lifetime customer support. These machines are American-made and built to last, so take one home and have some fun!

Talley Ho!

Owner Pat with her Bedlington Terrier, Lucy, getting ready to run

Owner Pat with her Bedlington Terrier, Lucy, getting ready to run