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How To Choose: Type of Machine

Drag Lure vs Continuous-Loop


There are two different types of lure coursing machines: the drag lure and the continuous-loop. The end result - a dog chasing a lure - is the same, but the way it happens is totally different with each type of machine. The Lure Babies and the ZippityDogs are all drag lures. The L'il Monster is a continuous-loop reversible machine. Here are the basic differences: 


Spool with line - lives in the machine and is attached to the motor

Walk the line out after every run

Open-ended line with the lure on the end of the line

Motor "drags" the line back onto the spool

Small pulleys

Small size, light weight and extremely easy to use

Very short set-up time: about 15 minutes


No spool. Large Drive Pulley attached to the motor

Line is set once, then ends of the line are tied together; lines stays on the field

3 Lures on the line - 10' apart

Reversible. Motor runs the "continuous-loop" of line either forward or reverse

Bigger field pulleys 

Larger and more complex to use

Bigger learning curve on use

Lengthier set-up time: about 45 minutes or more

String-rewinder needed to retrieve the string at the end of the day

As you can see, a drag lure is nothing at all like a continuous-loop, although they both perform similar functions: running a bag on a line. There are differences between the two types of machines but there are also differences between the different models of drag lures.

A Little More Information

The difference between the Lure Babies and the ZippityDogs are the features, the speed, the length of line each can accommodate, etc. You can read about them on our Products page.

The Lure Babies are suitable for all dogs including Whippets and other sighthounds, and bully breeds.

If you're running a large number of dogs at a multi-hour event, then the L'il Monster is what you need. The Monster is also suitable for home use but it is the quintessential system for all events, including Fast CAT.

While it's true you have to walk the line out every time with a drag lure, it really does not cause any inconvenience, especially if you're running a 400-500 yard course. Even if you're running multiple dogs on a longer course, the time between runs when you're walking that line out again gives your dogs a chance to rest. They may not look like they're tired, but they are not machines and you'll overwork them and run the risk of injury if you don't make them rest.

How To Choose - Type of Activity or Environment

Which System Is Right for You?

In this section you'll learn how to choose the right machine for what you're doing and the environment you're doing it in: DRAG LURE OR CONTINUOUS-LOOP?  Read on but you can always CALL US FOR H ELP: 619-741-9940.

TYPE OF ANIMALS YOU’RE RUNNING. If you’re running smaller dogs or small predators, any of the mid and small sized drag lures or small-to-mid-sized continuous-loop systems will be fine. If you’re running sighthounds, cheetahs, tigers, etc., there's really only one choice: the L’il Monster. For extreme speed and robust performance, this machine will outperform everything else and will challenge even the fastest animal. Also, if you want to use a bulkier or heavier lure, the L'il Monster will run anything up to about 1 pound without compromising performance.

a. Types of lures you can use include squawkers, toys, pelts/skins, or body parts, as well as very light lures.

b. Type of field pulleys. The type of lure you use will also determine which type of field pulleys you can use: the larger the lure, the larger the pulley.

AREA YOU HAVE AVAILABLE FOR THE COURSE. In a small area you'll probably want to use any of our drag lures but you can also use a continuous-loop machine.

a. Small areas limit the type of turns your dog will be able to make. A horse arena-sized field (about 100x200) is about the minimum you'll want to set up a continuous-loop course in because of safety issues for the dogs. You won't be able to make safe turns and long enough straightaways to use the bigger continuous-loop machines in a smaller area. 

b. If you're planning to run either a straight-line or other drag courses for Jack Russell Terriers or similar type of dog, any of our small-to-mid sized drag lures will work fine, but you can also use any continuous-loop system. If you plan on using a large lure or are planning to run Fast Cat events, you can use any of our continuous-loop machines.

 TYPE OF VEGETATION AND SOIL TYPE ON YOUR FIELD. Running over manicured, mowed grass is best for the Lure Babies or the ZippityDogs, but if you have clumpy field grass or brush, you'll need one of the continuous-loop systems. Soil is an additional factor because it will determine which field pulleys you can use: if you're running on sand, very soft soil or want to leave the course set up over a long period of time (months, etc.), then you'll need the Exotic Predator Pulleys. 


Health Benefits of Lure Coursing

Additional Information


Lure coursing isn’t just a sport or a simple exercise activity. It is an activity that fosters good behavior and good health. It is an activity that allows dogs to fulfill their genetic and biological role of hunter and provides them a condensed way of working their bodies and minds with long-term positive effects. 

Most city-dwelling dogs not only do not get enough exercise, their minds are rarely challenged. Most dogs do not have a job or do any kind of “work.” Many are the sole animal in the home and are left alone a great deal of the time. Although they adapt to these solitary and sedentary lives, dogs are pack animals and can develop unwanted behaviors and serious health consequences without regular physical work, mental stimulus, and social interaction. 

How many fat dogs have you seen? Do you walk your dog more than ½ mile daily? Does your dog get regular sustained activity? Do you provide them with interactive toys (treat balls, treat puzzles, etc.) to keep their minds sharp, healthy foods (I’m talking about home cooking, raw, and/or premium products with no grain or by-products in them), daily teeth brushing (80% of all dogs have gum disease by age 3 and it is a contributing factor to many systemic diseases)? Most people don’t, yet wonder why their dogs have illnesses similar to humans: obesity, arthritis, diabetes, cancer, kidney, thyroid, heart and respiratory diseases – all stem from both diet and lack of work. Obviously genetics also play a huge roll in these conditions but even many genetic factors originate from poor care and poor food and can often be overcome or managed.

Lure coursing provides the perfect solution and the dogs who participate are calmer, better adjusted, healthier, and typically do not exhibit “bad” behaviors such as nuisance barking, digging, chewing furniture, hyperactive activity, etc. Lure coursing provides a way for dogs to fulfill their genetic potential and have fun doing it. It’s the only sport that really focuses on the dogs where they’re not controlled by humans.  Call us to learn more! 



Staying Safe On The Field

Dogs are like all athletes – they’ll push themselves to their limits so it’s up to you to keep them safe. Keep in mind that no dog can turn on a dime and you’ll injure them if the angles of your turns are too sharp. Our exclusive Field Training Manual goes into great detail about how to use this kind of equipment properly, how to avoid injuries, and how to maintain a high level of dog health. Call us with all your questions!


Puppies are rambunctious and full of energy, and its tempting to let them run wild.  But they need to be careful, so please do not run puppies under 4 months of age, and don’t take them through ANY tight turns until they’re a year old. They might look like adults but their joints can’t take it and they’ll have serious and permanent injuries. Call us if you have questions. We constantly stress to new owners that safety is 

THE number one consideration when running dogs, and especially puppies, is SAFETY. Here’s what you need to know: 

1. No puppies running on the field under 4 months - they haven't had time to build up any immunities and they're highly vulnerable to injury and illness.

2. Puppies between 4 months and 1 year (see #3 for caveat) are not allowed to go through any tight turns or run a hard or long course. At our events I’ll usually take youngsters through the first turn and into the second stretch, then turn them around before the 2nd pulley. Puppies have very soft growth plates in their joints and they can be damaged from sharp turns and hard jumps or hard running. This kind of damage can cause permanent stunting of the affected leg - it will no longer grow and you’ll have permanently damaged your dog. Your puppy might appear robust and strong but s/he’s still a puppy.

3. Giant breeds are not allowed to run the full course until they’re 18 months. See #2 reasoning. This is even more critical with giant breeds because of their longer growth time and maturation.

There are a lot of pet supplies on the market that are fun to use, but our lure coursing equipment will provide your youngsters with the best kind of positive activity and will provide them in lifelong health.

NOTE: We do not recommend children using this equipment unless accompanied by an adult. Kids don’t always have enough life experience to understand consequences so, to be safe, just go out there with them.

Each consumer is responsible for determining the suitability of these products for their individual situation. Consumer accepts all responsibility by purchasing and using these products.


Our Policies - Payments, Shipping, Warranty, Refunds


You can purchase any of our products by using PayPal or Square through our webstore or, if you don't want to use either one of those you can email us and then purchase by cashier's check, money order, or bank wire transfer. PayPal offers 6 months same as cash and Square allows you to break up the purchase price into 3 installments. If you'd like to wire your funds, please email us for instructions.


All Wicked Coursing systems and machines are custom built, hand-built equipment.  We do NOT keep anything on the shelf, but build everything to order. Because of that, shipping times will vary and can be greater than 6 weeks depending on the size of the order and how busy we are.  If you have an event or a specific date you need your system by, please tell us in advance.

In order to ensure the safe transit and arrival of your new equipment, we pack it extremely well using a lot of high-quality packing materials. This is a time-intensive process, so all shipping charges include a handling fee.


A WORD ON SHIPPING: PLEASE DO NOT DISCARD THE SHIPPING BOX YOUR EQUIPMENT WAS SHIPPED IN UNTIL AFTER YOU'VE THOROUGHLY CHECKED EVERYTHING FOR DAMAGE AND FIELD-TESTED THE MACHINE.  If your equipment is damaged in any way during shipping, you'll need to return it to us for evaluation, inspection and repair, in its original box. None of the carriers will honor the insurance claim if you don't present the original shipping container. Wicked coursing will not be responsible for any damage incurred during shipping and we will not be able to repair or replace anything for free. 


We really want you to be happy with your equipment, so we make it the absolute best on the market by using the best available parts and precision machining everything that we make. This is custom, hand-built, American-made equipment, so please make sure you really want this equipment before you place the order because once you do, it's yours.


Equipment purchased from Wicked Coursing is warranted against manufacturing defects:

ZippityDogs: 6 months, Lifetime Customer Support

Lure Babies: 6 months, Lifetime Customer Support

L'il Monsters: 1 year, Lifetime Customer Support (limited 1 year warranty on the motor from the manufacturer as well). 

Warranty applies only when the equipment is used for its intended purpose. For example, if you purchase a ZippityDog and use it for an event, you will void the warranty.

During that time if something goes wrong that's our fault, we'll repair it.  If it isn't something that stems from our work, that will not be covered under warranty. Warranty work can take a minimum of 4-6 weeks or more depending on the situation.

Some of the components such as the batteries in the Lure Babies and ZippityDogs may have separate manufacturer's warranties, so please call us if you're having any trouble. The motor in the L'il Monster has a 1 year replacement warranty from the manufacturer.

Please do not disassemble your machine or take the wiring apart without talking to us first, or you will void your warranty. If something comes up, call us and we'll try to work through whatever the problem is. 

Each machine is bench tested and/or field tested prior to packaging it for shipment, so we know they function properly when they're shipped. If you want us to field test it just ask. We know they run great before they leave for their destination, but if something happens in transit, call us. Please re-read the Damage policy above.


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