Predators In Captivity

Why Our Equipment Changes Lives

Our equipment is 3D and so versatile, zoos, preserves and preservation foundations around the world include our machines in their enrichment programs to enhance the lives of their captive predators:

Cheetahs, leopards, servals, caracals, fishing cats, and most other exotic felids; wolves, foxes, wild dogs and other canids; Owls, falcons, hawks and eagles and many other animals can benefit from the use of this equipment. Take a look at our e-brochure for a quick overview: Dynamic 3D Systems for Exotic Predators.

What does 3D mean? Our equipment is designed to be used on all surfaces, all terrain, under water, up trees or enclosure walls, in the air - whatever you can think of.  Why limit yourself with a less adaptable system when you can have it all?  

Designing appropriate enclosures and providing suitable enrichment tools or stimuli for wide-ranging predators is an emerging field. Wicked Coursing is a leader of the predator enrichment movement and as more zoos and preserves devote more attention to it, we'll be there alongside them to assist.

Our innovative designs create a more natural environment that fills predators' needs. We can provide your facility with any design you can envision to put the "wild" back into your predators, including:

  • Convertible systems that can be adapted to any environmental gradients
  • Pop-up systems for "stealth" hunters such as jaguars
  • Water-friendly equipment for fishing cats
  • Raptor equipment that has both vertical (balloon) and horizontal (drag) capabilities, and uses a remote-control system